What is Suncoin?

Leveraging Blockchain technology platform of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Suncoin was developed on the Blockchain platform of Ethereum, and expanded scattering based on "shared intelligence contract". Suncoin's New Blockchain has a small chain, new algorithm code based on the theory of the constant C of the sun light. Suncoin's simple but highly secure storage.
Bitcoin, Suncoin, Ethereum currencies are converted into each country's currency via direct Ebanking connection on the SunPay App. Create convenience in using cryptocurrency in electronic payment
Suncoin will evolve into a converting center for cryptocurrency and currency
Suncoin will be a big change in the financial world as well as the Cryptocurrency Market in 2018-2020.

Why Suncoin?

Fast Converting between SunCoin and e-Currency

Low fees 0.01%

Security and privacy

Ensure and high system security


Simple Using

Widely Communities And Environment

Startup ecosystem with Suncoin

Suncoin Platform

Social network

SUNPAY is Future Payment Gateway

Your banking everywhere

Mobile Platforms

Using our iOS & Android mobile wallet to make your money transaction. As no address, no information required, you can be rest assured that by no chance would your privacy be leaked.


Step 1: Register for mebership at thesuncoin.io

Step 2: Deposit BTC or ETH into your Wallet on thesuncoin.io

Step 3: Find ICO on , click ICO then buy SUN

The quantity is limited for each purchase

So you should get ready any time so that you could buy as much as you desire

The quantity of each purchase will be announced prior to each sale, so you need to check your email or visit the website so that you could update the latest information.

The price of coin after each ICO sale always rises in value over time.

The sooner you buy, the better chance you would get.

The limit quantity of coin being sold at ICO is 15 millions

You can sell ICO coin right after ICO ends, you can start selling your ICO coin on SUN exchange

It is absolutely possible to increase your profit xx times right after ICO

You will receive a 5% reward when you refer members to buy ICO coin

The more members you could introduce, the more Suncoin you could earn


Don’t miss any updated important information as if you miss it, you would miss the chance to earn profit