Leveraging Blockchain technology platform of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Suncoin was developed on the Blockchain platform of Ethereum, and expanded scattering based on "shared intelligence contract". Suncoin's New Blockchain has a small chain, new algorithm code based on the theory of the constant C of the sun light. Suncoin's simple but highly secure storage.
Bitcoin, Suncoin, Ethereum currencies are converted into each country's currency via direct Ebanking connection on the SunPay App. Create convenience in using cryptocurrency in electronic payment
Suncoin will evolve into a converting center for cryptocurrency and currency
Suncoin will be a big change in the financial world as well as the Cryptocurrency Market in 2018-2020.
Experts, who have more experienced of Corebanking Platform at International Banks, research and build the new technology for payment gateway that called SUNPAY. The SUNPAY allows customer can make exchanging transaction between Bitcoin and Ethereum.
SUNPAY was invested from Owners of the International banks. For preparing market, the basic currency that SUNPAY will use is called SUNCION. SUNPAY Technology hopes it is helpful payment gateway clients will make transaction so easy when be publish on market in 2018 -2020.
Base on the business plan, The presentation of SUNPAY will be going on 30 Jan, 2018 in Singapore. We hope SUNPAY is the best Payment Tool for Encryptocurrency Network
Suncoin v2.0 En from JohnJaco